2013: Summer of Run

Labor Day is behind us.  Football’s back on TV.  The school buses are on the road. Even though it was 90 degrees in DC today, I couldn’t help but wonder where the summer went?

It’s always at the end of the season, when you think back on what you did - and what you didn’t do that you thought you might.  What did I want to do this summer?

1. Go to a Nats baseball game - Fail.

2. Go to Jazz in the Sculpture Garden - Fail. 

3. Go to Screen on the Green (movies on the National Mall) - Fail. 

4. Go to friend’s pools - Fail. 

5. Garden - (Semi) Success.

6. Travel. A lot. - (Semi) Success.

6. Go to the beach. A lot. - Success.

7. Run. A lot.- Success.

So my “summer successes” primarily involved the beach and running. Not too shabby. The best memory from this summer involving these two things? Discovering these wooded running trails in the Delaware Seashore State Park. You’ll soon forget you’re even at the beach as you’re running through wooded forests, farm land, and back bays.  Just don’t forget your bug spray! 

Foodie Fuel for the Run:
Unlike California beaches filled with their salads, smoothies, and sushi - Delaware beaches are filled with frozen custard, funnel cakes, candy stores, boardwalk fries, and pizza. Needless to say, it can be a diet disaster.  
While you DO need to have Kohr Brothers frozen custard, you can find some lighter and delicious far at Salt Air in Rehobeth. They are serious about the “farm-to-table” fad here - with a menu that changes daily based on what the local farmers and fishers have available!  While they don’t take reservations and you may have a 1-2 hour wait on weekends, it’s worth it.  Just go early and thirsty, grab a seat at the bar while you wait (oysters optional), and get excited for the fresh, delicious fare that you will soon be enjoying!